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What does Congregation-based Clinical Pastoral Education give to your judicatory?


What does CPE request from your judicatory?



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__What does Congregation-based Clinical Pastoral Education give to your judicatory?__

•     Pastoral enrichment— The classes provide a place for a pastor to discuss issues relating to the parish in a learning environment and to look beyond the issue and see the systems at work.

•     A local setting — The classes are conducted at convenient locations (i.e., Rochester, Buffalo, Jamestown) for your clergy, church workers, and lay leaders.

•     Networking — There is the potential for meeting persons along various denominational lines which adds to the richness of the unit and can carry into the future for additional community building.

•     Ecumenical perspective — Sessions have included clergy from Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, United Church of Christ, Unitarian-Universalist, Baptist, non-denominational, AME Zion traditions.

•     Nationally recognized and certified — This CPE program meets all the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education standards. The instructor, The Rev. Robert Spilman, is certified as a Full Supervisor in ACPE, and professionally certified instructors lead a variety of didactic sessions.

•     Consolation/Resource — Rev. Spilman has had extensive training and experience in diagnosing unhealthy congregations and leading them toward health.

•     Systems Approach — The unit is a continuing education program that teaches pastoral care and leadership and systems theory for clergy and lay ministers. They strengthen pastoral and leadership skills and creatively address tension and conflict in the church.

•     Ordination — This CPE unit fulfills the requirement for ordination when the denomination states it is necessary.

•     User friendly — Students work in their own settings and have the confidentiality and trust of their unit participants.

•     Serves congregational needs — The congregation is a partner with the student in the educational process and is the "lab" from which cases are presented within a confidential setting so that spiritual and emotional processes can be examined for further growth for both the student and the congregation.

__What does CPE request from your judicatory?__

Pastors/students — clergy, lay leaders, seminarians wishing an enrichment experience, a CPE unit credit, aid in working through a current congregational/personal challenge.

Endorsement — from the judicatory to your clergy to enrich their pastoral care/leadership in ministry.

Financial support— for scholarship aid for your clergy and/or a contribution to the CPE general fund to support the program.

Public relations — access to judicatory newsletters, e-mail notices, conferences, agencies.