Application For Congregation-Based Clinical Pastoral Education


             This is where you can download PDF the application For Congregation-Based Clinical Pastoral Education of WNY for the Buffalo, NY & Clarion, PA & Rochester, NY areas.
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       Rev. Robert C. Spilman
363 Darwin Drive
Amherst, NY 14226


* Be sure to include the application fee of $40 payable to : "Samaritan Pastoral Counseling Center” or “SPCC.”

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1.      A reasonably full account of your life including important events and relationships with persons, especially family of origin, describing the shaping of your identity in the family.*

2.      A discussion of the development of your spiritual life including faith experiences, your participation in the life of the church, and your decision to enter the ministry.*

3.      Describe how any significant challenge or loss in your life has impacted your awareness of self or others.  Include an assessment of your current health and wellbeing.*

4.      State what you hope to learn in Congregation-Based CPE including your impression of and expectation for Clinical Pastoral Education.*

5.      List previous CPE experience, if any, and provide copies of evaluations, if available.

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(1) Aug.—Dec. (Clarion, PA)
(2) Oct.—Feb. (Buffalo)
(3) March—June (Rochester)


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*Application fee of $40 payable to: “Samaritan Pastoral Counseling Center” or “SPCC.” which at this time must be sent separately, a copy of your answers will be displayed if you wish to send a copy with the payment, along with a copy to the supplied e-mail. be sure to include at least your name and address with payment.